Progressive Cavity Pumps

Also known as eccentric screw or mono pumps, these are the ideal low shear pump for liquids and viscous semi fluids. Made from stainless and food safe materials.

These simple and rugged progressive cavity pumps are ideal for liquids and viscous materials or fluids with suspended solids. Some examples include: beverages, vegetable oils,  milk, cream, soft cheese, ice cream, yogurt, jams, chocolate pastes, fruit pulps, pizza topping, treacle, glucose, runny honey, sewage, dyes, solvents, soap, shampoo, detergents. 

Progressive cavity pumps take your product into a cavity and transport it gently to a high pressure outlet, they don't, whisk, beat, flail, or thrash your product to bits like many other types of pump. We have 3 models, and spares for them in stock, 1 inch/4GPM, 1.5 inch/16GPM and 2 inch/25GPM.


PH series pump examples

Pump & Motor The range Spares

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We sell oil pressing equipment ( and have been using these progressive cavity pumps for years, we like them so are now offering them to you! Alan Brewis. Seed2Oil LLC.